LED there be light

Upgrade your safety with intelligence

Intelligent LED Systems

We design, deliver and install intelligent LED-projected signage,
adding a new layer of safety to top-performing industrial operations.

Let Your Safety Shine

Working closely with chief safety officers of market-leading businesses, we have developed a solution that protects your personnel and lets you impress your visitors and
safety inspectors.

The Perfect Solution

Integrated safety and warning systems built around first-class hardware

Traffic Warnings

Blinking and pulsing signage triggered by moving forklift trucks

Overhead Hazard

Crane-triggered warnings of loads moving in overhead areas

Moving Machinery

Moving part alerts, opening gates and other movement triggers

Top Gear

We ship industrial-strength projectors for specific environments

Design & Thinking

We define and deliver designs and solutions unique for every location

Own Development

We have a dedicated development team for client customizations

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